Don’t Just Dress Your Turkey

Thanksgiving is a time to give back and share with others. For this post, I will be giving tons of tips on how to dress this holiday season for whatever type of affair you celebrate. From casual to formal hopefully there is something in here to help you have a stylish Turkey day. I’ve pulled a lot of items from H&M because they have tons of options that are good quality and also inexpensive. Plus with locations in Uptown, Ridgedale Mall and Mall of America, it’s a perfect one-stop shop for both the ladies and the gentlemen. Obviously, I had to throw in some of my favorites from Nasty Gal and Nordstrom for the ladies because doing a post without them would be like Thanksgiving without a turkey, it’s just not right.

Casual Affair:
I understand that for some people, Thanksgiving is a more casual holiday spent with immediate family or close friends. Lucky for all you who will be wearing elastic, sportswear has been a hot trend this season. Not only is it a Crop Top Girl approved look but also it is also perfect for stuffing your face full of turkey day goodies! Plus, you’re ready to go for your post grub nap and that’s something to be thankful for.

For most of my male readers, (aka a majority of my guy friends who feel obligation to read this blog, which I love you for) I have a feeling this will be your all time favorite blog post of mine because this is the one day I will give you my blessing to wear sweat-everything. But before you thank me, my blessing is for a stylish set that does something for you assets, not your high school team’s warm ups. The way your sweats fit matters. It is important to pick things that aren’t going to make you look like your momma’s mashed potatoes. H&M has killer sweatpants that are awesome options. Pairing sweatpants with a long sleeved t-shirt, preferable one with a pattern to add interest, or a cool fitted sweatshirt and your favorite kicks make for the ultimate sportswear look for your holiday!




We have benefited greatly from the sportswear trend. I know that leggings tend to be a staple in every woman wardrobe and thankfully, it is okay to rock them to Thanksgiving dinner. One way you can add interest to this is by throwing on a pair of leather leggings. They are just as comfy as regular leggings but are more stylish. You can also pair any kind of leggings with a flannel and a scarf and have a super cute and comfy look. Also, sweatpants with a fitted sweater and a beanie would be an absolutely adorable and comfy look for this year’s Turkey Day!



Meeting the Parents:
Nothing gives me more anxiety than a test. When I know an exam is in the near future, I can’t sleep, I get nauseous and I start talking to my pillow pets like they are real penguins. But the test that gives me the most anxiety isn’t academic. Meeting a significant other’s parents for the first time is a test that you can’t retake and there’s definitely no extra credit but like any other test, there are ways to prepare for it. The saying, “dress well, test well” is one I live by and this situation is no exception. It’s important to dress well but not overdo it, that being said, here is my break down for meeting the parents:

For pants, I think that a nice pair of twill pants is perfect for this situation. They aren’t crazy formal but they look a lot more put together than jeans. The nice thing about twill pants is that you can pretty much get them in any color from khaki to maroon to grey, so you have a lot of options. If these aren’t something that you already have in your closet, YOU NEED TO PICK UP A PAIR… OR LIKE SEVEN! They are seriously essential for your wardrobe fellas. H&M has amazing pants that aren’t crazy expensive but amazing quality. On top, I think a button down is absolutely necessary. Which again, should hopefully be something that is already in your closet but if not, H&M has inexpensive and high quality button downs. If you are feeling extra festive, you can always throw a sweater on top. For accessories, my Pops once told me, “If he doesn’t have good shoes, don’t bother bringing him home.” That being said, it’s best to keep it simple and classic with a kick ass pair of boots or Clarks, a watch and a killer pea coat. Not only will you impress your girls’ family with this outfit, I can guarantee she will be pretty impressed herself.

Button Downs:

Again, for meeting the parents, I have a strict no blue jeans policy. I’m not saying you have to wear your prom dress but your favorite pair of jeans shouldn’t be an option here. In this situation, you have a few different options for your lower half. If you want to wear pants, black jeans or a dark maroon pair are beyond chic and comfortable but also make you look very put together. Both of these colors are completely on point for the latest winter trends. Pairing either of these color choices with either a button down or turtle neck and adding a fur vest is trendy but not overdone. I also think that a sweater dress with tights, boots and a scarf is perfect for this situation (side note: make sure your dress is an appropriate length, his grandma’s approval is important too). This outfit is comfortable, looks put together and more importantly, leaves room for eating!



Sweater dresses:–burgundy

Formal Affair:
I understand that for some of you, holidays are always formal events. For this situation I am going to assume that pieces that are appropriate for situations like this already exist in your wardrobe. With that in mind, I have come up with a few different ways to spice up your formal wear.
For the gentlemen I think there are two ways you can go about this, you can either go for a full suit or you can do a sport coat. If you were going with the suit option, I think the best way to change up your suit is by purchasing a different tie or bowtie if that’s more your style. In comparison to buying a whole new suit, it’s a more budget friendly way to give an old suit a new feel. At this time I would like to give my plug for gray suits, if you don’t already have one I have a personal weakness for a guy in a gray suit. If you are going with the sport coat option, I think a cool pair of colored twill pants with a button down and tie can really give you a Ralph Lauren look.

For the ladies I think that it’s pretty obvious that in this situation, a skirt or dress are your best options. The best part about this option is that you really don’t need to run out and buy a whole new dress. By adding a cool pair of patterned tights and jewelry you can really change really revamp any dress you already have in your closet. Here length is going to be a huge thing, make sure your skirt or dress isn’t one that you would normally wear out to the bar. Be a classy young lady and channel your inner Blair Waldorf.


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