New Year’s Eve Gear

My man and I were on our way to the Minnesota Wild hockey game the other night where we had such a classic conversation it kills me. First off, I would like to say that he is a very dapper, well-dressed gentleman so it’s not uncommon for us to have conversations about fashion. I was telling him how excited I was about my new dress when he laughed and goes, “I’m sure it’s going to look great but do you have to buy a new dress for every concert we go to?” I simply responded saying, “well you know I have a shopping problem.” Thinking back about the conversation triggered other thoughts. I began to think about the amount of times I say, “I have nothing to wear!!!!” while staring at my exploding closet. That being said, I challenge you to make this year’s New Years Eve outfit out of something you already own. Whether that is with a dress or top that you love, look to reinvent one item you already have to save some money while still bringing in the new year in style.

For you Gossip Girl fans, you know how much Ms. Blair Waldorf loved her headbands and lucky for us, they are back in style. They are a perfect way to add a little extra bling to your outfit, which we all know is perfect for NYE. What is also nice about headbands is that you can find one that matches your style. If you want something a little more hippy chic or laid back, Free People is a good option. Anthropology is another great place if you want something more classic and simple. Target also has some great headband options right now that aren’t super spendy. What is nice about headbands is that if you buy it for NYE, it is easy to transition it to any everyday basic.

Tights are the simplest way to completely change the look of any dress you have. Pattern tights are really in right now which can add a bit of interest to any dress. I found a kick ass pair of garter tights at Target that I’m obsessed with. They were really inexpensive and were an easy way to spice up a simple black dress that I had in my closet. If you want to do something even more out there, Urban Outfitters always has crazy patterned tights, like ones with gold thread in them, as well as a lot of colored options. Adding tights to any outfit is a simple way to update any outfit you have in your closet for less than 10 bucks!

Jewelry is my favorite and the most fun way to change up an outfit. Big statement necklaces have been huge this season and they really can give a completely different feel to an outfit. Again with this, you can invest as much or as little into a necklace as you want. It’s also nice knowing that if you are going to spend a little more on a necklace, you can also incorporate it into other outfits. If statement jewelry isn’t really your thing, I am also really into layering a lot of delicate necklaces. I think it’s a very different way to do a statement necklace and chances are you probably have a few necklaces that would work together!

Now I know that I have mentioned on CTG before that I have a boot addiction, I thought for this post I would expand on different types of shoes that would be killer for NYE. While shoes might be a bit more expensive outfit face-lift, they can definitely change up a look and become a focal point to any outfit. If you are wearing a dress you’ve worn a bunch, make your shoes stand out. Adding a kick ass pair of shoes is a perfect way to revamp a dress you already own.

For help with styling or questions about specific items in your closet, hit me up on my twitter account: @alexlambert13. I am more than happy to help!


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