Summer Musts

Every once in awhile I still get shit for wearing crop tops. Like really people?! You should expect it at this point. For example, at one of the last mandatory senior keggers I went to (yes, they are required or you don’t graduate), one of my friends was giving me a hard time for wearing a crop top because it was supposed to rain that night. Without hesitation, one of my other friends looked at her and said, “Come on now she has a brand! She is a brand! Let her work!” Which had to be the greatest thing I have ever heard. So now that we have finally entered the only season where my beloved crop tops are appropriate for a majority of Minnesotans, here are my other must haves for this summer.

Flat Espadrilles

I think it goes with out saying that nothing screams summer in shoe form like an espadrille. When I think about espadrille my mind immediately jumps to a wedge. Don’t get me wrong wedges are great! I love a good wedge but being 5’8, I really don’t like pushing my height with a high heel so for me, a flat espadrille is a perfect alternative. By rocking this summer classic, you are instantly giving any look a laidback, chic feel. Because you can easily dress them up or dress them down, they are an overall really great summer staple. I have attached links to some of my favorites that I recommend checking out.

Bell Bottom Jeans

Okay ladies! It’s time to go dig in your mama’s closet and try to find her jeans from high school because bell-bottoms are back and I couldn’t be more excited about it! For me, this is a great alternative to skinny jeans that are a much more forgiving option. I love them because I am a big fan of high waisted shorts and they give that same feel in a pant version. My favorite ones come form Madewell but as this trend is becoming more mainstream, I have noticed them all over the place!

Bucket Bags

At this time in my life, the only requirement that I have for a bag is that it is a cross body bag. I hate, hate, HATE carrying a bag on my arm. They get heavy, they are always in the way, and I find them annoying. Because of this, my every day bag is the Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha Crossbody and it’s my baby! But you know a girl has to switch it up sometime, which can be done by getting yourself a bucket bag. I think I love it so much mostly because it looks like I can fit a lot of stuff into the bag, which really makes me excited. My all time favorite bag that I have found is the Tory Burch ‘Brody’ bucket bag, butttt is also happens to be one of the most expensive ones I have looked at. Below are some other great options to check out for this trend!

Heads up for college students or even those of you who have just graduated, J. Crew will give you a student discount if you give them an active email address:

All White Everything

My closet is kind of depressing because I am a huge fan of wearing all black. It’s just easy. Everyone always looks good in black and I never have to worry about matching things, which is key when I usually wake up with about 10 minutes to get ready. But all black is kind of depressing, and hot, in the summer so what I am in love with this season is rocking all white. Pairing a white button down with white jeans and white Chuck Taylors is a very crisp and fresh way to do monochromatic.


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