Week One of CTG’s 30 Days of Kindness


meet my sweet friend liz! she is my soulmate friend, she just gets me. within one second of seeing me, liz can tell exactly what i’m feeling. she’s the person i call when i’m freaking out and i always hang up up the phone with more peace in my soul. liz always reminds me not to sweat the small stuff and to follow my heart. liz, thank you for being you. i couldn’t do life without you!DSC_0422.JPGmy sweet younger, and tallest, sister nat! my favorite part about nat is her forgiving heart. over the years she has taught me what it means to truly love people unconditionally. she is intelligent, witty and beautiful. she also had her first big girl job interview so if everyone could send out some good vibes that would be awesome! nat, my days would be filled with less joy without you. you make me a proud big sissy. ily!


how cute is this wee family? every time i see this picture i can’t stop smiling. david and erin are incredibly talented people and together they are unstoppable. they have a mutual love and respect for one another that’s so unbelievable. they are also awe-inspiring parents to sweet fillie. i can’t wait till she’s old enough to understand that she hit the jackpot with her parents. david and erin, thank you for everything. seriously. your kindness and words of wisdom have and will continue to mean the world to me.


meet my lovely friend, kelsey aka kelpy. how beautiful is she?! she’s also crazy smart. like actually really, really smart. every time i call her she tells me how school is, i always have to ask, “and that means what exactly?” she will always laughs and respond something like, “basically, don’t charge your phone overnight.” kelpy is the friend that will hold you while your cry and inspires you to be better every day. kelpy, this world would be a sad place without you. thank you for using your big brain and even bigger heart.


meet nurse tara aka the ice cream queen! i came to take this picture after she had just finished a night shift and i was like could you seriously get more beautiful?! tara is a ray of sunshine and is easily the most generous person i know. if you need someone to talk to or copious amounts of puppy chow, tara is your person. she’s one of those people who asks how you’re doing and genuinely wants to know. she also kills me with her one liners. she makes me laugh without even trying. her and her fiancé zane are killer puppy parents to the one and only @big_booty_rudy_. they are such a fun duo. i’m so blessed to know them! tara thank you for bringing goodness to the world and always seeing past the crazy! 😉

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 5.12.46 PM.png

i love this picture because i can hear the famous crissy laugh. this is girl is one of my longest friends. she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly and loved me through it all. she always knows how to make me laugh and she’s the closest I will ever get to beyoncé. cris, thanks for being a sister to me over the years. i love you long time, diva.


meet my friend joe! joe was the first johnnie i met before going to school. little did i know then that i had hit the jackpot in the friend lottery. joe is one of those people who makes you feel like you’re important to him which is because you actually are. he has a heart of gold and anyone who knows joe knows they are blessed to know him. joe is always there to make me laugh so hard i cry. his kindness is rare to find in a world where most people are focused on being selfish. he’s easily one of my all time favorite people. joe, we need more people in the world like you. thank you for being you, first friend.


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